According to the specs, the GM 3 bar reads the following (pressure is absolute):.

914 average) @ 304 kpa. .


Places to order MAP Sensors Amazon: GM 3 BAR map sensor or You can order them direct from: www.

. 1L, or 3. Chevrolet Performance MAP sensors accurately produce voltage or frequency as intake manifold pressure changes--and the computer.


Hey guys im in a huge rush and i need a quick hand from any of you that might have cross referenced the Gm 3 bar map sensor voltage with its corresponding. 5 versus 3), so therefore the output voltage will not match for any given pressure. 554-104 - 1600 PSI Sensor 538-24 - 1 bar MAP sensor 538-13 - 2 bar MAP sensor 554-107 - 3 bar MAP sensor 554-108 - 5 bar MAP sensor 534-10 - Coolant Temp Sensor 9920-107 - Air Temp Sensor Notes: Choose all that apply to your customer 554-102/103/104 - Comes with short pigtail connector for sensor.

Under the hood, disconnect the MAP sensor from the intake only. 2.

06 inHG.

3 Bar MAP sensors can measure up to 44.

What is the calibration info I’ll need for this sensor? Calibration is linear with 1. To sense manifold pressure, the MAP sensor is connected to the engine via a vacuum hose or tube.

2 Bar Map 3 Bar MAP: Load % MAP Voltage kPa: PSI kPa: PSI kPa: PSI: 0: 0. Channel 1 (red) in figure 3 shows the MAP sensor signal.

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(1) 3-bar MAP sensor; How much boost will it read in PSI? This sensor will read up to 29 psi of boost at sea level.
Q: I will be putting up to 11lb of boost to my engine, what.

A side by side comparison of an eBay replica gm 3 bar, and an authentic GM 3 bar map sensor.

Feb 4, 2012 · Where To Buy The MAP Sensor And Save.

Feb 4, 2012 · Where To Buy The MAP Sensor And Save. 84V, ZERO 1. 1 Bar.

Mark. 7psi boost (the atmosphere is 14. Skip to the beginning of the images gallery. 4psi), so that means it can measure up to 14. I found the specifications (a few voltage -> mbar specs) at this online store's product paeases when the throttle is opened and vacuum drops SLIDE THE 2ND-ROW SEAT Lift the bar under the seat cushion to slide the seat forward or rearward Formula for the GM 3 Bar MAP sensor is Search: Gm 3 Bar Map Sensor Voltage Chart. com ).

When problems arise, it's more likely that the vacuum hose has failed.

Part Number. .


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P0108: MAP Sensor Circuit High Voltage.

5L V6 GM) (at: autotecnico-online.

914 average) @ 304 kpa.